The final part of the A-Tower Ljubljana skyscraper is being installed

Montaža elemenata na završnoj tehničkoj etaži

The northern gate of Ljubljana, the A-Tower, has entered the final phase of installing façade elements.
The technical floor is in the closing phase, the height of which is more than two average floors.

HANO installers struggle with extremely strong winds when assembling these elements. This is also the most demanding part of the assembly of the building.
It must be borne in mind that each element is like a sail, and that the installers fight together with the crane to successfully install it, while preserving the finished part of the facade.

The installation in the coldest period of time did not stop the valuable HANO installers who are trying to ensure that all other contractors continue with the interior work in much more comfortable conditions and complete the facility in the planned time set by the investor.

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