HANO measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection

Company HANO from the beginning of the epidemic COVID-19 follows and takes needed safety measures of our employees and costumers.

We follow the instructions of recommendations without any exception of using masks for face protection for costumers and employees, also obligatory hand disinfection before entering in closed space.

Truck drivers by entering in our company get special behavior, delivery and receipt of goods instructions.
HANO have not stooped the production during restrictive protection measures that has took in Federal and Cantonal crisis headquarters.

We bring special measures of protection during measurement and installation our products in homes and work place of our costumers.

We don’t have data of address and name for the people who are under in self-imposed isolation or in quarantine, and to protect our employees and costumers, we have obligatory singing Statement of self-imposed isolation or in quarantine.

Before starting each action, measurement or installation, our employees are obliged to give statement form, with which costumer confirms that he/she or household members in last fifteen days from the day signing of this statement, have not been in self-imposed isolation or in quarantine from department of epidemiological services.

The costumer is entitled not to sign statement, but in that case we will not approach to measurement or installation, in case of advance payment, money will be returned.

Also on occasion measuring and installation, customers are obliged to be in another room until while the measurement an installation is being done (after they exchange information).

Thank you for understanding, stay at home and be healthy!

You can see the statement on the link below.


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